Elizabeth Rich

Professor of English
Department of English
Arts & Behavioral Sciences
Academic and Student Affairs

SVSU Main Campus
Science East 164


Literature that innovates form to highlight marginal perspectives and lost histories is a guiding interest in Dr. Rich's work, demonstrated by published articles on Hamid Mohsin & Naveed Nori, Elizabeth Bishop, American Indian literature, and Penelope Lively, as well as conference papers (most recently) on Carmen Bugan, Lousie Erdrich, Gertrude Stein, Hannah Weiner, and Susan Howe. Dr. Rich belongs to the Modern Language Association (MLA) and is regularly a member of The Space Between Society and the Modern Studies Association. Dr. Rich has been an active part of the English department, serving on a variety of committees, and of the University, serving on the Executive Board of the Faculty Association and the Curriculum & Academic Policies Committee. She has also advised the English Club, which held student-faculty colloquia and joined in community service, including students volunteering to read to children in local libraries. In my spare time, I like to read little magazines, such as make / shift and The Walrus, and follow blogs about people's lives and miscellany. Favorite moment at SVSU: Any time a group of smart people have read something difficult and challenging and come together to discuss it is a moment full of surprises and growth for me. Since I became an English major, I've been addicted to the energetic rush I get when I see a text through other people's eyes. Five books Dr. Rich would like to have with her if marooned on a deserted island: The books that I would take must to talk to each other, so I won't be responsible for all of the socializing. I would wrap the following books in plastic (so as to survive the unspeakable wreck indicated by the hypothetical ""desert island""): The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, William Carlos Williams's In the American Grain, Charles Olson's The Maximus Poems (1983), Susan Howe's The Europe of the Trusts, and Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans.


Doctor of Philosophy
Duquesne University